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Movie Review – Avengers: Endgame (No Spoilers)


After half of all life in the universe was killed due to the actions of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War, the remaining Avengers and their allies must reassemble to revert those actions in one final stand. Will they succeed?

Release Date: April 26 2019

Director(s): Anthony Russo, Joe Russo

Producer: Kevin Feige

Production Companies: Marvel Studios, Disney.


When you think of superhero movies, what comes to mind? Spandex? cool costume? CGI? Action and fighting? You are very correct to assume all these, because let’s face it, very few aspire beyond this, until Marvel and Disney started their legendary 10 year run.

End Game is the climax of over 22 movies in 10 years which gives it ridiculously high expectations. I mean, if they hype anything for 10 years it better be damn worth the years of my life. Right?

So let’s get right into it;

PS 1: There are no spoilers in here, so relax. We got you.

PS 2: Avengers: Infinity war and End Game were shot in one straight production which lasted 6 months. August 2017 to January 2018. with minor re-shoots in January 2019

First the script. The closely guarded Script of End Game is nothing short of perfect. The inter connectivity of roles, places, time and occurrences is unlike anything you have ever seen. It seamlessly flows with the First Two Avengers, even though they were both written by Joss Whedon. The excellent mix of comedy, action and emotions all in one makes it one of the best scripts in decades.

Be ready for the unexpected and the unbelievable. Many surprises await you which will have you on your feet and screaming like your favorite team scored a goal. Leaving you wondering what to do with your life afterwards. Lol

You are in for a surprise if you think you have ever seen any of these characters acting before. The acting in this movie is on another level. Wuht!

These characters were intense, deep, complex as well as compelling. Making it their best acting from the beginning.

HEADS UP, don’t trust the trailer, it consists of only the first 30 minutes. You still have 2 and a half hours to be pleasured by the Russo brothers.

If you have faithfully followed all or most of the 21 movies before End Game, you will fit right in. if you haven’t…….. well, where have you been? And what are you waiting for?

After watching End Game, a friend of mine who has never watched any Marvel Movie, went back to rewatch all grom the beginning, just to watch End Game again……Yes, I Know.

Its actually that deep!

Truth is regardless of what life throws at you, regardless of the setbacks and disappointments you’ve experienced there is always a way out of it. This is what you will ultimately learn in the end game. So hold on to the strength in you, keep playing till the very END.

End Game grossed $ 1.3 Billion on its first week and the road to greatness is still long.


…. And it gets a 10/10. It deserves even more.


Have you seen ENDGAME? what are your thoughts? What parts made you laugh, shout or cry?

Is it the best movie in the universe or what?

Watch the trailer below:

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