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Movie Review – Crazy Rich Asians

Synopsis –

Rachel Chu is happy to accompany her longtime boyfriend, Nick, to his best friend’s wedding in Singapore. She’s also surprised to learn that Nick’s family is extremely wealthy and he’s considered one of the country’s most eligible bachelors. Thrust into the spotlight, Rachel must now contend with jealous socialites, quirky relatives and something far, far worse — Nick’s disapproving mother.

Release date: 31 August 2018 (Nigeria)

Director: Jon M. Chu

Box office: 238.6 million USD

Budget: 30 million USD

Story by: Kevin Kwan


Crazy Rich Asians Has The BEST Wedding Scene In A Movie Yet!!! (I’ll give it that)
But that’s not all in our review.
Keep reading.

Crazy Rich Asians is one of those movies you may choose to watch again when you need something light to uplift your mood.

But asides that, ah well;

You’ve literally seen this movie before, only in different forms and definitely not in this form.. (at least none that I’ve seen or heard of)

Crazy Rich Asians has the typical Cinderella slash fairy tale storyline; Nollywood fave; where boy meets naive beautiful girl, girl is poor, boy comes from a royal home, King says No you can’t marry my son, you are poor, stepmother goes all nah I’m gonna sabotage this love *yawns*, yadayada;

Only that with this movie, the entire cast is Asian, which is interestingly well, different, because you get to actually see a representation of Asia/Asians, and yep!, there’s a Miley Cyrus lookalike.

Asides a few perks (money good oh) and again, probably the BEST wedding scene any movie can boast of, Crazy Rich Asians is really just a very hyped simple cliché story-lined movie, with a bit of humor here and there, an entire Asian cast, with dreamy for romantics at heart aka “I wear my heart on my sleeves” movie scenes.

Basically, if you are a sappy romance movie lover/person, this movie is definitely for you!
Plus the Male lead is hot oh. Kai
(Goes to *wikipedia* him).

Also the movie will make you include Asia on your “continents to visit” bucket list.

Rating – 5/10

Have you seen Crazy Rich Asians?

What do/did you think?

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