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Movie Review – Hire A Man


Hire A Man tells the story of a young lady who hires a man to pose as her fiancé at a family event, after her younger sister’s engagement.

Initial release: 2017

Director: Desmond Elliot

Producer: Chinneylove Eze

Cast: Eyinna Nwigwe, Zynell Zuh, Ik Ogbonna, Nancy Isime, Daniel Lloyd, Bayray McNwizu, Desmond Elliot, Shaffy Bello, Keppy Ekpenyong


First things first, Nigerian movies have to consistently get it right with makeup and hair/wig changes ☹
Night scenes and actresses be on full glare makeup?
Then one wig throughout a whole movie? Sigh

If there’s a Nigerian movie where everyone is full on British or American English accent mode, novelistic unbelievable super forced chemistry between ALL the actors, and overdone acting, then you have “Hire A Man”.

Although it has a really impressive cast, but its super dragged out and of course predictable plot with plenty loopholes 🙄, makes the whole movie unromantic, and definitely funny, for the romantic comedy that it intended to be.

The” oyinboness” of the movie just pretty much screamed unreal!

Like don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with having really good diction (which is supposed to be the point), but what’s the point of a Nigerian film that just wants to be laced with oyinboness, when it should really just feel very Nigerian-ish to the core?

Plus I have definitely seen this script in an oyinbo movie or something similar…… OMG YES!💡💡💡💡 (“The Proposal” starring Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds), and I mean there have been movies that have done great jobs at re-enacting original movies, and that’s fine, but it’s like if you are going to adapt an original, then it better be really flattering, and not end up being too forced and very cringeworthy instead.

It could have been better! Way better!

If the movie was intended to really just promote tourism to the Whispering Palms Resort Badagry, as per product placement, since that was where most of it seemed to have been shot anyway, then fair point for scenery!

Anyway, because I slept off while trying to watch it the first time, and had to endure watching it to the end a second time because quitters never win, I’d just really say the movie sadly didn’t leave a lasting impression!☹

Have you seen Hire a man?

What are your thoughts?

Rating – 1/10 😴

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