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Movie Review – King Of Boys!


King of Boys” follows the story of Alhaja Eniola Salami, a businesswoman and philanthropist with a checkered past and a promising political future. She is a pillar of society — loved by many, feared by most, and truly known by a select few. As her political ambitions see her outgrowing the underworld connections responsible for her considerable wealth, she’s drawn into a power struggle that threatens everything she holds dear. To come out of this on top, she will need every ounce of the cunning, ruthlessness, and strategy that took her to the top, as well as the loyalty of those closest to her. But who can she really trust?⁩‭

Release date: 20 October 2018 (Nigeria)

Director: Kemi Adetiba

Screenplay: Kemi Adetiba

Producers: Kemi Adetiba, Remi Adetiba, Kene Okwuosa

Languages: English, Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo


Two things, you are going to either get a headache after watching this movie, or be scared to sleep at night, because what in the “should be nominated for an Oscar” highly intensive movie is King of Boys????


Like where do I want to start from Lord?

Somebody please pass me a glass of water/wine because my head is on fire!

First off, let me say this is the first time I’m honestly honestly impressed with Adesua Etomi’s acting.
Wedding party didn’t in anyway do justice to her prowess as an actor mahn!

But her role in King Of Boys blew me away!

Her facial expressions when interpreting her lines? Mad!

If I ever had a doubt she could act, King Of Boys woke me up and is asking me to pay attention!

Because whew!

Even the very unexpected sad death of her character in the movie does/did not erase her absence from the remaining of the movie, that’s how much presence she commanded with her role!

Also I’m sorry what? Why hasn’t someone, anyone, anybody given Veteran actress, Sola Sobowale an Oscar already???

Are we still sleeping on this woman????😭😭😭

This woman is an enigma, and I bet every single person on set was in awe of her! Wow!

Did y’all peep the throwback to memory lane scene between her and the actor that played “Suara” her romantic interest or so in that Toyin Tomato super story???

(Can someone please correct me proper on the “Super Story” details?)

Made me Aww!

Then her birthday party scene in general, beautiful attention to details in that scene (we certainly love to I clude a good party scene in our movies lately, and it gets interesting to watch)

I personally have/had many favorite scenes that I can’t even list all! But let’s start with;

  • The scene where Kemi and Kitan have/had a heated argument with their mum in the middle.

All the raw emotions!
Oh boy!

  • The scene where Sharon Ooja walks in, the audio department did too great with so many scenes in the movie? Like I’m not even sure what English to even use!😩
  • How about the scene where the ritual wass being performed on Makanaki??? Ah!
  • Then the scene where Adesua tells her mum after she was arrested “You are King! THE OBA” Omo! That scene GAVE ME GOOSEBUMPS!!!
  • The scene where Eniola Salami legit convinced a woman to buy the fabric for her daughter! She embodied the theatrics of these women in reality to a T!😂.


To think that I was super skeptical to watch this movie all this while???Because I thought it was going to be some radical feminism kind of movie or something overly hyped but damn! I apologise to my own self for sleeping on this movie!

Like I sincerely really thought people must have overhyped the movie, but boyyyyyy was I won over!😊

Surprised people didn’t start changing their handles to “King of Boys” after watching this movie or something lol

Because ya!

If I have any concerns to drop about the movie, one of the thing I’d probably think to mention is/was Sade Bello’s (played by Osas Ighodaro) gangster facial expressions while reading the news; lol, wasnt sure if it wad the news she was reading it if she was having a conversation with one of the actors.

Also I’m glad Reminisce was able to come through with his role, enough for us to very very forgivably overlook any acting flaws he might have had)

Then urgh, why did Makanaki have to die that kain small death please?🙄, after all the political gangster-ness of the storyline?

After all the troubles???😩😩😩.

He went out way too easy!!

Like the death of Makanaki and the re-rise of Eniola Salami could have served as premise for a King Of Boys part 2 sef.

(Lowkey I was actually expecting a fairytale plot twist, showing us her children weren’t dead and she was just crazy enough to put up all that font to deceive her enemies and stuff, as per a whole King ahead of her game??)

So kai, the ending didn’t sweet my belle, like after everything???

But hey! For what it’s worth, I loved Illbliss’ comedic relief line before he killed Makanaki Lol.

Anyhoo, my personal concerns still didn’t/doesn’t change the fact that the movie blew my entire mind away about Nollywood movies sha.

Topnotch if you decide to compare.

From sound effect to props/special effects to audio quality, to attention to every details……👌🏾

Also love how the ending credit was an ode to all the hardworking sleepy team behind this movie and not just the actors!

They deserve all the accolades!😊

Rating – 10/10


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