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Movie Review – Potato Potahto


A divorced couple who decide to continue living together soon realize that this ingenious idea is easier said than done.

Release date: 24 November 2017 (Nigeria)

Director: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Screenplay: Shirley Frimpong-Manso

Nominations: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress In Leading Role, more

Awards: Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role


First off, potato potahto left me speechless lol, additionally with its seemingly fresh “storyline” in a Nollywood/Gollywood movie.
I definitely wasn’t expecting the movie to bang this much!

E sweet my belle!😌🤭

The bloody perfect attention to details, the emotional transitions as in the right facial expressions, the chemistry (between all the actors damn!) the wardrobe, the comedy, the directing, the acting, the wow…..
Mahn lol
The way they all delivered their lines like it was nothing, like there was no hurry, like they took their times, mahn, it made the movie feel so damn realistic
The soundtrack for every scene?
Literally well selected!

I love(d) and enjoyed this movie that I didn’t even want to miss a single second of it, because every second missed feels like a second of a missed detail.
So many impressive details worthy of note about the scenes in this movie!

From the sacarsm in the movie to the “smh reactions” and pure truths from Lulu’s mum (Joke Silva) like she’s speaking our minds, to the simple “How are you” question Blossom asks Oc the first time he comes to visit him at home after the finalization of the divorce? It was a beautiful necessary caring moment to watch between two men.

The suspense???

I’m SO glad they literally directed and wrote the script of the movie through the eyes of the viewers!

For instance, the scene where after Lulu’s mum gives Tony food in the kitchen and leaves, he hears someone’s footsteps coming down the stairs, and literally starts to choke and awkwardly try to hide the food, thinking it would be his ex wife, Lulu coming down the staircase.

Because I mean the agreement is that they share the house equally and not encroach in other’s spaces? So it would have been really weird for him if she had found him eating her mother’s food or something lol

Make sense?

Or the scene where the movie legit makes you so curious about what Tony’s help whispered to Lulu, while being sent out of the house, that agitated Lulu so much.

Because Lulu was soooo mad at Tony and left us internally yelling at the actors like YOU PEOPLE SHOULD TELL US WHAT HAPPENED NAOWWWWW!

Then the plot twist?

The funny robbery scene?😂
So many awesome scenes tbh!

I’m so so surprised this movie didn’t get all the buzz it deserved to get in the cinema oh because the movie is topnotch.
Not sure I heard its rave after it started showing in the cinemas, at least none that I heard of.

Abi did I miss it?

Anyway, it’s interesting how at first it felt like Oc Ukeje and Joselyn Dumas were a miscasted/mismatched couple for the movie roles, but boyyyyyyy will their chemistry and perfect acting make you start to believe they legit deserve each other (even in reality lol), that’s how believable they did justice to their roles;
Because they were so perfect for and with each other that I think the only awkward scene between them if any other, was the scene where he tried lifting her on the kitchen shelf while kissing her.

Definitely in love with this Potato Potahto movie, as you can already tell, with all my ravings, and if you wonder(ed) what kind of movie title “Potato Potahto,” is/was, the movie explains it.

Also, one of my fave scenes has to be where he’s mimicking her while trying to imagine the conversation he’s about to have with her after a fight.😂

The only thing I wished the movie ensured to teach, was make sure it showed the viewers that the couple really understood that communication was what they needed to work on really.
Because as much as Tony and Lulu were like so in love with each other even with the toxicity of their lack of communication, it’d still leave you feeling like they wholeheartedly deserve each other really, if only they would just realize they needed to learn to communicate???🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️

It would also have been nice if the movie made sure to let Blossom’s character realise he had to take responsibility for his cheating, and not try to justify it. But hey.

Anyway, I’ve rambled enough in this review and so the best thing is to go watch if you haven’t watched it yet, because I am totally recommending this movie

Recommended Soundtrack Download – Oc Ukeje Featuring Vector – Potato Potahto

Rating – 9/10


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