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Movie Review – Small Foot

Migo is a friendly Yeti whose world gets turned upside down when he discovers something that he didn’t know existed — a human. He soon faces banishment from his snowy home when the rest of the villagers refuse to believe his fantastic tale. Hoping to prove them wrong, Migo embarks on an epic journey to find the mysterious creature that can put him back in good graces with his simple community.

Initial release: 27 September 2018 (Hong Kong)

Director: Karey Kirkpatrick

Box office: 214.1 million USD

Budget: 80 million USD

Producers: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa, Bonne Radford


Uhhh *scratches head*, this is probably my shortest review yet, because while “Small Foot” will definitely appeal to little children or less deep people than I am, it just seems/seemed like every other recent musical animation movie.

Feels like most of these recent animation movies have very similar or if not literally the same storyline tbh, only just with a slight twist to the story line, and different “animation characters” to differentiate them.

Not sure any other animation movie has come close to being as enjoyable as “Inside Out” personally speaking, but that’s by the way.

Like it honestly took me probably more than a week, to finish watching Small Foot” because it got boring at some point. And thanks to the spirit of “start and stop”, we are here!

Might be better for you, but anyway,

Movie starts to feel bearable to watch like halfway through, and has just one (or maybe two) catchy song(s); “Let It Lie”, sung by “Common”, which if you ask me, was catchy because it had quite deep lyrics, that can get your adult brain thinking of and vibing to.

The movie will basically leave you understanding integrity I guess, and also wondering if “Ignorance is truly bliss”, or if “Knowledge is power”,

Not quite sure which the movie wants one to confidently lean in to; Ignorance” or “Knowledge”, because it looks like there was a level of unsurety somewhere in the script about that, lol “, but I’m guessing we should probably just go with “the truth”, “even though the truth is complicated and it can be scary, but it’s better than living a lie”,

Or you are going to have to make your mind up about that on your own lol.

The movie will also show you how interesting “communication perspective” truly looks like.

I can’t explain this in words but if you watch it or have watched it, you’ll get what I mean.

According to Yeti anyway, “we have to communicate, because it’s up to us to decide what we want to do”

“Yeti” smart words from Yeti (Migo) right?

Anyway, if you are quite deep and stuff, then maybe you’d enjoy this movie, otherwise, let children just ignorantly enjoy it “yeti” much.

Also is it just me?

Or this standard of beauty has to just show face in everythingggg? hian lol.

Look how they ensured the Female Yeti (Meechee), had to visually stand out, just so the character would appeal to your senses.


Rating – 3/10

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