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Movie Review – The Package


When four teenage friends go on a camping trip during spring break, an unfortunate accident sets off a race against time to save one’s most prized possession.

Initial release: 10 August 2018

Director: Jake Szymanski

Production company: Red Hour Productions

Producers: Blake Anderson, Adam DeVine, Kyle Newacheck, Anders Holm, Ben Stiller

Written by: Kevin Burrows, Matt Mider


If you are up for seeing a ridiculously funny movie, then “The Package” is that movie for you!!!

My goodness!!!

Just the rememberance of the movie alone can make me laugh and I’ll definitely be rewatching again.

I mean at first glance though, you might actually feel like the movie might be boring and might be tempted to not continue watching, but mahn, you’d be making a huge mistake if you don’t watch this movie till the end.

What if I told you that the movie is literally centered around a guy”s severed penis? Yup! Lol.

Like the whole idea of “The package” is literally about a group of 4 teenagers who have to find a way to transport their friend’s severed penis back in time to him, for his surgery.

So basically, the 5 teenagers go on a camping trip far from home, and then get drunk, and one of them decides to go pee, then cuts off his penis by mistake with a knife he’s playing with.

The horror!

And so every passing minute from that moment, is all about trying to find a way to get him him out of the camp, as their car is parked about 6/7 hours away from where they are.

They manage to successfully get a medical ambulance helicopter come pick up their friend, and give the Doctor the wrong cooler they thought had his severed penis stored in.

So technically, they have the right cooler aka “the package” (geddit?), and have to desperately find ways to transport the penis to their friend before 12 hours is over.

Makes sense?



Either way, that means you have to watch it!😂

Because I don’t want to risk saying so much without giving you spoilers. Anyway, so the movie is so hilarious that I can’t even believe the actors were able to keep straight faces for most of the scenes that had ridiculous dialogues!😂

I mean take the scene for instance, where along the way, while one of them tries to defend herself against a snake’ attack, she throws the ziplocked penis at the snake, and because they all think that the snake must have bitten their friend’s severed penis in the process, they all start arguing about who should suck the venom out of the penis!

I wish I made this up!😂

If I even say so much about this movie, then this write-up would probably be sensitively flagged as Rated 18 or something😂, but mahn, you guys need to go watch this movie.

It is stupid yet somehow manages to come off as serious at the same time, and oh also kind of educative in its own way! Lol

Also, I love love the chemistry between the teenagers. They did a perfect job in my opinion!

Every single one of them were of importance to the premise of the movie, and that made the movie interesting to watch too.

By the way, the movie ends with a soundtrack titled “I miss my dick”, by Eduardo Franco, and I mean, 😂.

Anyway, definitely rating this movie a 10/10, because I loved it!

How about you?

Seen the movie?

What did you like/dislike about it?

Rating – 10/10


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