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Movie Review – The Upside

Synopsis –

A comedic look at the relationship between a wealthy man with quadriplegia and an unemployed man with a criminal record who’s hired to help him.

Release date: 18 January 2019 (Nigeria)

Director: Neil Burger

Box office: 122.1 million USD

Budget: 37.5 million USD

Adapted from: The Intouchables


I legit looked forward to having fun with this movie, but now that I’ve seen it, I really don’t know what to make of it.

Like I can’t quite make up my mind, because it had a promising trailer, but for some reason, the movie fell short somewhere and somehow.

First off, it felt cringey to watch the transition of the unrealistic friendship between the black man and the white man.

Like it felt like the writer(s) literally walked on eggshells while writing the script, just to feign ignorance and tell the viewers “it’s all in your head” though.

So like the storyline goes all, let’s act like everything is all rosy and straight up bromantic and shit between some random ex prisoner and a super wealthy ill white man, because in reality, that’s how it’d go right?

Like random ghetto looking black man shows up in wrong building; a wealthy man’s apartment to apply for a job, and nobody uncomfortably questions where he is coming from, and of course the white man immediately employs him, despite knowing he’s an ex prison convict while interviewing him?

DIDN’T EVEN BOTHER QUESTIONING WHAT HE WENT TO PRISON FOR? Ahnahn now! Or should we say that was because he was suicidal?


Or let’s just act like nahhh white man isn’t worried when Kevin Hart takes one of his expensive cars without his permission, to go see his son in school, or when Kevin Hart takes him on a drive to his black neighborhood.

Or the scene where Nicole Kidman goes to wake him up and finds his room looking so untidy, and literally brings out his pager from his trainers without flinching. Yeah right!

Orrrr the scene where Nicole Kidman is looking for him, and finds him in one of the man’s room all alone, staring at stuff, and you can literally imagine her think wow is he about to steal or something, and then they downplay it with this dialogue 😂

Kevin – “What?”

Nicole – “What”? *elephant in the room stare, but it’s just me being clueless stare though*, I literally just came to hand over your cheque, what were you thinking again🙄

Feels like you can just hear their thoughts with all the indirect emphasis on some of the scenes in the movie, I don’t know but okay!😂😔

Lol. Like I like (sarcastically) how this movie will make you seem like it’s you that is seeing what is not there.

Nice try oh writers. Nice try!

I mean I’m not even oyinbo, but wow has the media even programmed your own mind into thinking whew! This is a tad uncomfortable to watch.

Or is it just in my head?

Because I can literally bet even Kevin Hart couldn’t believe the reality of his own role or the script, lmao!

But I mean “let’s go with the flow”.

Like, they couldn’t even convince me even if they tried to; like if the aim of the storyline was to kill stereotypes, they did just the opposite, because the movie has noteworthy uncomfortable moments literally sarcastically staring right at you almost throughout the movie. Lol

But okay!

And for a true life story? Someone definitely isn’t saying the whole truth!😑

Either the above, or maybe Kevin Hart was miscasted for the lead role, because I just couldn’t just connect exactly. (I mean at this point I need for others to see this movie so they can see what I saw or say hey nah I didn’t think what you thought oh, so that at best I can go for checkup or something)

And as for the comedic part of the movie?

Err I probably first actually laughed 1 hour into the movie, at the scene where we get to see legit real life fragile masculinity between the two lead Male characters; where Kevin Hart can’t pronounce the word “penis” while trying to change his Paraplegic boss’ urine catheter, neither could he get himself to immediately stare at the penis. Lol

This probably would even make the men reading this uncomfortable too but hey lmao.

Anyway, nothing really did it for me in this movie jare, like you are supposed to grow with some sort of bonding between the characters; like I feel like that was what the movie aimed at wanting to do, but it couldn’t even help the viewers grow beyond it’s own unanswered truths/reality or questions staring right at them, to make the bromance between poor black man and rich white man feel genuine or something.

Like nah, it all felt very…….. scripted instead.

If at all, the actors who stood out in this movie were Kevin’s wife and Phillip (The wealthy white man); I mean to an extent, him being able to embody the role of a paraplegic and all of that, and then Nicole Kidman too…. in her own way.

As for the humour I looked forward to seeing because Kevin Hart?

Yimu! Barely Nothing!

Forced humour!

Barely laughed!

Just feels like literally the main actors read this script and smelt the irony, but just yuno, did what they had to do.

Now I’m not even sure what to rate the 2 hour long movie (whew!), because nothing lingering about the movie, and whatever the writers thought they were trying to do (that I don’t even get), they didn’t do.🙄

Anyway, I think this should do.👇🏾

Rating – ⭐⭐


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