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Trailer Review – Aladdin

After Will Smith posted pictures of his role as the genie from Aladdin, there was outcry about his suitability for the role, because after years of clamouring for the movie to be made, fans were ready to be disappointed.

But the release of the trailer seems to have neutralized all worries.

It houses the exciting nature of ‘the greatest showman’ and the setting of ‘assassin’s creed’; music and colour in an Arabian setting.

The protagonists seem to face damning adversity coming against their love, and there is an actual tiger as the Princess’ Pet (talk about a circus show).

Let’s not forget the amazing look and acting of Will Smith who seemed to embody the carefree-know it all personality of the genie. He will definitely steal the show in this one, I can bet it.

The costumes look great as expected from a Disney movie, and the chemistry between Aladdin (Mena Massoud) & Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) seems very believable.

I am personally excited by this Fantasy world of Aladdin and we only have to wait May 2019.

How about you?

Watch the Trailer below, and tell me what you think;

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